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Understand the Subconscious Mind: 6 Effective Integration Steps

Updated: Apr 25

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By the end of this post, you will know exactly how to elicit information when faced with the “encrypted” messages given to you from your Subconscious mind.

Female Subconscious Mind Information

If you don't know what your subconscious is trying to tell you, (dreams, meditation, plant medicine) then this is the post you need to read! Below I am sharing how Understand the Subconscious Mind: 6 Effective Integration Steps you can find clarity in what your unconscious is saying, in an easy yet meaningful way.

Tip No. 1 approach this process with the intention of seeing clearly the meaning behind the messages from your inner self and understand your subconscious mind.

Table of Contents


Step #1: Clear the Space

The process of energetically cleaning or clearing a space is often referred to as "smudging" or "sweeping." This practice involves the use of sacred herbs, smoke, and intention to cleanse the energy within a particular area. Also, this is done to ensure that from that moment on, all information is coming from you, and you only. Here are a variety of herbs I personally use regularly as a hypnotist for my clients, and why:

  • White Sage is burned for for meditation, smudging and cleansing of spirit and space. The smoke is believed to provide a barrier that prevents negative spirits from entering the room in which the inner exploration is being held. Not all sages are the same, this is the one I personally buy.

  • Cedar is believed to attract good spirits and remove negative energy.

  • Sweetgrass is used to bring in positive energies after clearing and induce calmness.

  • Palo Santo offers a sweet, woodsy aroma with hints of a spicy smell because of the naturally occurring organic compounds limonene and terpineol.

When using these herbs, you are tapping into the power behind the people(s) that have used them throughout antiquity. When asking for guidance in this way, you are connecting through your heart space, this positive intention will be amplified based on ancestral rituals through space and time.

Open a few windows and doors to allow any negative energy to leave the space. Start at the entrance of the space and move clockwise around the room. Use Turkey feathers, Selenite Smudge Bowl, Abalone Smudge Shell or your hand to waft the smoke throughout the area. Pay special attention to corners, doorways, and windows where energy can stagnate. As with all spiritual tools, the intention behind its use remains paramount.

Step #2: Get Comfortable

I recommend laying down for deep connection. I know what you are thinking! You thought you were supposed to practice self discipline whilst doing the lotus position in a cross-legged sitting meditation pose. Nope. Who has patience for that? Did you know that the No. 1 reason people loose interest tapping in, is because they can't focus or let go? Eliminate the distraction, lay down straight. Relax!

Step #3: Choose a past dream, vision, Déjà vu or day dream, to decipher

Where do you start? Start simple. Once you get the knack of this you can approach more complex decoding in the future.


I once had a dream that I was outside in the snow observing around me (white everywhere) when a white deer walked out from some pine trees towards me.

Step #4: Your Story Behind the Message

There's something about inner work that leads to a rewarding relationship to oneself. Your story means your meaningful truth behind the symbolism through which you are trying to tell yourself. Now lets dive into the steps behind understanding the story your subconscious has presented to you.

a) Take notice of your emotions associated with the subconscious information you are deciphering. Your emotions can be regarded as instinctive in nature. They are a great tool to use because they are automatic and absent of your critique (ego 💚).

  • Happiness

  • Sadness

  • Fear

  • Disgust

  • Anger

  • Surprise

  • etc...


I was surprised and happy. Surprised because I was not consciously thinking about any element of this white deer dream before I went to sleep. Happy because I knew that there was an evident message to understand.

b) Feelings are formed when your brain assigns meaning to, (and interprets) the emotional output. Feeling is your conscious decision about those emotions felt. Feelings are more personalized and can be influenced by personal experiences and memories.

  • feeling hurt

  • feeling proud

  • feeling loneliness

  • feeling anxious

  • etc...


I felt honored that I was gifted with the rarity of seeing a white deer let alone it walking up to me directly. Because I felt it was rare I knew that the dream was significantly aligned with a spiritual representation of sorts.

The shadow perspective; the poor innocent little deer, all alone in this world trying to find its way through life's obstacles with nothing to show for its hard work.

Emotions are automatic and often instinctual responses, whereas feelings are the conscious interpretations of those emotional responses. Emotions are generally considered to be more universal, while feelings are influenced by individual factors.

Step #5: Find Meaning in the Patterns

All elements within a dream including; objects, animals, written word, people, or situations that appear are meaningful to you. No exception. They were created for you by you. The goal is to transcend and put into action life changing knowledge, stepping off the wheel of karma that has you attracting the same scenarios supporting the same behaviors over and over and over again! The answers are always within (sorry, but it's true 😬 ).

At the core of the karmic wheel is the law of cause and effect. The course of action we take when we realize the patterns of karmic cycles, dictates the conditions in which the next opportunity to slip off of that karmic wheel is presented. Our Subconscious mind is always providing us with information about how we feel in order to take action so we can slip off this wheel. How we feel creates the reality around us. Studying the subconscious mind helps us understand how we feel, deeply. Then a corrective course of action can be spearheaded if we want to see new timelines emerge as options.


The forest, a place of natural healing energy, ecosystem that supports itself, regrowth. It's worth mentioning that the green within my dream was very vivid and that green also means heart centred healing for me.

I felt like I was being validated on some spiritual initiatives I was embarking on at the time. The path I had chosen was being supported. And that I was on the right course as the “clearing” was inevitable. The clearing of what does not serve me was being achieved.

Note: You may have reoccurring dreams. They might include you running from something. An animal, fire or bandit. As a hypnotist, these scenarios normally have to do with letting go of trauma endured in this lifetime or another. Representing something you need to face, reframe and move on from.

We can assign meaning to anything. Use this framework to your advantage when symbolic representations from our subconscious mind become noticed. These meanings are subjective, by default, and are based on personal experiences and associations. So take back your power and assign meaning to your spiritual dictionary!

If your trauma has not been released and the story you tell yourself about the trauma is on autopilot/destructive, this becomes an energetic blockage. We can work with the mechanism of which this information is delivered. We can develop a learned meaning for everything that pops up in your reality including all experiences we are being pulled to. Dream interpretation can hold a huge reservoir of data.

Create your own associations as depicted in the dream interpretation dictionary, below. This will at least narrow down considerably the intended meaning behind the message. Give yourself a break!


Chosen Meaning


Loved one is with us (transitioned or with us)


Higher frequency

Sun ray

What I am thinking about is in my highest interest

Your name being called

Your guide wants to work with you

Shadow People

A part of you wants to work through fear

Color Red (as a ball, cloud, anything that sticks out to you)

Emotionally; one may feel insecurity, scarcity, anxiety, and fear of change when this chakra is out of balance.

All sensory manifestations deepen the visceral meaning behind the message we are telling ourselves. The message is conveyed on many levels to provide a rich delivery of information that will provide a well rounded picture of the message at hand. Provide yourself as much opportunity as possible to get the interpretation accurate!

Step #6: Consider Archetypes

We can identify and understand meaning depending on which survival archetype we consider ourselves to be. These 4 archetypes are deeply ingrained within the collective unconscious and impact human psyche and behaviour including how we interpret the world around us.

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, introduced the idea of archetypes in dreams. Hypnotherapy involves inducing a relaxed state to access the subconscious mind more directly and clearly. A trained hypnotherapist can help you explore and work with subconscious thoughts and memories that will directly help you understand the reason why you are faced with the experiences that manifest around you.

Archetypes understand the Subconscious Mind


Someone holding an inner child archetype may exhibit spontaneous and playful behavior, while another individual dominated by the saboteur archetype may engage in self-sabotaging actions that undermine their personal goals.

The awareness these archetypes can bring is a deeper understanding of what call to action steps your subconscious mind is having you lean toward. Through the lens of these archetypes, we can choose a course of action that is more indicative of a balanced perspective moving forward. Since what we know ourselves to be, is the direction we bring ourselves forward.

Through introspection and self-awareness, individuals can transcend the limitations imposed by unconscious archetypal patterns and cultivate a greater sense of wholeness and authenticity.


The white colour of the deer represented heavenly realms for me, spiritually. This might signify a validation to embrace and celebrate one's own uniqueness, rather than conforming to societal expectation. As indicated by the rarity of the white coat. The idea that the deer appeared from a dense forest to a clearing tells me that the road I have been embarking on will find a “clearing” soon. Or I am clearing something from within that makes way for the version of me that is revealed after the transition. There is an end game to the effort I had been going through. The deer felt sure of the direction out of the woods.

I did not feel threatened by the female deer, she felt gentle and full of alertness. Her innocence was felt with an underlining sense of personal power for bringing her to the place where she finally arrived. It could be a call to trust and develop one's instincts in navigating life's challenges through the forest of one's life. I feel like the inner child has come up to discover creativeness, and and emotional healing.

Overall I feel like the message was one of perseverance, spiritual clarity/clearing, right direction, and divine timing.

Humans have the potential to step out of the action and reaction shadow of these survival archetypes. In other words, we lose the energetic pull towards destructive social or ancestral patterns by seeing the world differently through cultivated inspiration. The tapping into our innate human user guide is the single most efficient way of reaching our highest potential. Which is absolutely customized for us since we had developed this user guide for ourselves in the first place.

In Summary

The subconscious mind serves as a reservoir of thoughts, emotions, memories, and instincts that are not readily accessible to our conscious awareness. By delving into the depths of the subconscious through techniques such as hypnosis, individuals can gain profound insight into their innermost makeup giving them an indication of where we are on their spiritual journey.

This process of self-exploration fosters a greater self-understanding, leading to the wisdom needed for a less drama filled existential experience. 👍🏽 Understand your own motivation behind your actions. Implementing only what works vs. what does not.

Our subconscious mind operates beyond the constraints of linear thinking, allow for the synthesis of seemingly irrelevant information be made into patterns & symbols that work in our favour!

Why is all of this relevant? Our mind holds information, when noticed, that can help steer us in a more efficient way along our journey. Of course we always have conscious free will to decide how we tackle that direction we are going in.

Why is this relevant to understand your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind plays a vital role in the process of healing and transformation. It houses deeply rooted psychological wounds, unresolved conflicts, and repressed emotions that may manifest as symptoms of psychological distress or physical illness. Through hypnotherapy, individuals can explore and address these underlying issues, facilitating healing and holistic well-being.

Are there aspects of yourself that need acknowledgement or reconciliation? You decide after learning what beliefs you hold within your subconscious mind. Let me help you interpret your Subconscious Mind, ask me how!

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