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Any form of hypnosis goes deep into the subconscious mind. We Explore the cause of our behaviors and replace them with ideal ones. Please complete the following Medical Intake form to ensure you are ready to participate in hypnosis.



Lets start off by acknowledging your decision to face your fears! 👍 this decision alone is half the battle. When we are ready to move through our constraints, the actual reprogramming of the mind is far more effective.

Once in the morning and once at night I want you to mindfully repeat the following affirmations below. You choose what time.

With the right mindset, AFFIRMATIONS do wonders.

I AM in control of my thoughts and emotions, releasing any fear that no longer serves me.


Unlock Your Inner Calm:

Hypnosis - Dissolving Fear, Easing Anxiety, Conquering Phobia



Many individuals exhibit a fear not of a specific object or situation but of the potentiality of experiencing fear itself. For instance, a fear of flying is the dread the possibility of something going wrong rather than the flight itself.


Understanding the Roots:

  • Anxiety related challenges often manifest within family lines, suggesting a genetic predisposition or learned behaviour.

  • People who worry a lot often have at least one parent who have these traits. Learned behaviour theory includes that children absorb parental attitudes towards the world, potentially fostering an overcautious outlook and hypersensitivity to perceived threats. Anything that stands in your way of being your best self, is not advantages and can be relearned.

  • biological traits passed down in families may affect the brain’s chemical regulation of mood and can affect how sensitive someone is or how strongly they react to fear cues.

The Cycle of Fear:

  • Over time, individuals conditioned to view the world as perilous develop a heightened state of vigilance, amplifying their anxiety responses.

  • This heightened anxiety leads to avoidance behaviours, which paradoxically exacerbate the underlying fear or phobia.

  • Avoidance becomes a self-perpetuating cycle, intensifying the "fear of the fear" and constraining individuals within ever-narrowing boundaries.

Intervention with Hypnotherapy:

  • Hypnotherapy offers tools for addressing these anxiety related problems by accessing and reshaping subconscious beliefs and responses.

  • Through targeted interventions, hypnotists guide clients in reframing perceptions, systematic desensitization, regression which breaks the cycle of avoidance.

  • By fostering resilience and empowering clients to confront feared situations, hypnotherapy facilitates the expansion of their world and enhances overall confidence and well-being. I get them out of their own way!

No. 1 Exploratory Session

During the first session we will have a pretalk including understanding the reasons that surround why you have made the decision to be free of the constraint.

The first session includes finding out what the underlining influences are that are driving your fear, Anxiety or Phobia. A hypnosis session to gather this information will transpire. I will include some techniques to support your decision.

No. 2 Implementation Session

We will use a customized script based on findings from our first session together.  

Please complete the below form which will be applied to future appointments.

No. 3 Final Induction

We will use a customized script based on findings from our first and second sessions together including anything else we have noted.

Some Points About...

Hypnosis works in an amazing way to help eliminate unwanted habits. Sometimes there can be a psychological or emotional reason a person has developed the Fear, Phobia or Anxiety.


Here are some points about what these responses are and how they work that will increase your understanding. It will also make it easier for the unconscious part of your mind to get rid of the habit completely and permanently during our time together.


First of all, a fear is a primal response triggered by perceived threats to one's safety or well-being. Hypnotherapy aims to neutralize this fueled emotion so that it no longer controls your life.


Second  it's often rooted in past experiences or learned behaviors.


Third  it can manifest as physical sensations, such as increased heart rate, sweating, or trembling. All of which can bring the attention of others round.


Fourth a phobia is an intense, irrational fear of specific objects, situations, or activities. Through desensitization we naturally lessen the association to said triggers.


Fifth if not moved through, may lead to avoidance behaviors, limiting daily functioning and quality of life.

Sixth may lead to avoidance behaviors, limiting daily functioning and quality of life.

Seventh an anxiety is a state of heightened apprehension or worry, often without a clear or immediate threat.

Eighth it is usually characterized by persistent feelings of tension, nervousness, or unease.

Ninth  can range from mild to severe and may interfere with daily activities and relationships.

Fear, phobia, and anxiety are products of subconscious programming and conditioning. I use hypnosis to access and reframe subconscious beliefs and responses. I focus on empowering clients to release negative associations, cultivate resilience, and embrace a sense of calm and control. It's YOUR life, take back your power and decide where you want to focus your energy.

Alternative Ideas

Focusing your time on other positive activities is paramount when keeping positive.  Please come to the 3rd session with at least 3 ways you will better use your energy.

Here are some examples of what that might look like:

Exploring Life to the Fullest

Quitting Smoking Raveling

Exploring New Oppertunities

Freed from the constraints of their phobia, clients can embrace new experiences and opportunities they previously avoided.

Quitting Smoking Quality Times

Pursuing Personal Goals

With newfound confidence and freedom, clients can immerse themselves fully in activities and social interactions without Anxiety related constraints holding them back.

Clients can redirect their energy towards pursuing their aspirations and dreams, whether it's travelling, advancing in their careers, or cultivating meaningful relationships.


Living without Limits!

Without the burden of their Anxiety, coping skills learned can be transposed to all faucets of life!

With increased emotional resilience and well-being, clients can prioritize self-care practices that promote mental and physical health, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.

Investing in Self-Care


If you are having an "in-person" session and would like the session to video recorded, you will have to tell me in advance. If we are holding your session online via ZOOM it will always be video recorded.

You will receive your edited recording within 48hrs of the session.

Your file will be sent to you via a link. This link will automatically download your file once you click on it. The link you will be sent is active for approximately 5 days, then will expire automatically. So please download the linked file ASAP.

LISTEN TO YOUR RECORDING. It works best just as you are falling asleep at night. Listen to the recording every night until your next session is scheduled.

Refrain from Coffee the Day of Session(s).

Just Relax

By being open you will allow for the part of the brain that develops fear based anxiety. You have to do nothing. Let you, show you, what you need to know without any expectation. Just relax and answer my questions in as much detail as possible. The words will come as long as your are talking.

Final 2 Forms

Please click on, review and complete the following Consent Form and Client Agreement Form.


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