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Any form of hypnosis goes deep into the subconscious mind. We Explore the cause of our addictions. We may discuss emotional ideas. Please complete the following Medical Intake form to ensure you are ready to finally stop smoking.



Lets start off by deciding that you will no longer spend one more dollar on this habit! You are done with the smell, the lack of fresh air and the money literally being burned away. From this day forward you are to repeat the following affirmations twice a day. There are a total of three below...

Once in the morning and once at night. You choose what time.

With the right mindset, AFFIRMATIONS do wonders.

I do not smell attractive when I smoke, it stains everything around me and that's why I permit myself to be hypnotized as it lets the unconscious mind know that I am determined to never smoke again.



99.99% of the challenge with smoking cessation is habitual. You have used smoking as a permission slip to relax. No wonder why you get nervous contemplating the idea of stopping!


Did you know that 50% of the nicotine in your body is gone 2 hours after you stop smoking? The other 50% has left your body within 3-5 days after stopping. It only takes only 5 days to release the nicotine from your body entirely!


Since nicotine doesn’t have a strong physical hold over you and it leaves your body quickly, then what is it all about?




The addiction to smoking is only 20% physical. The other 80% is all mental. 


The good thing about habits is that we are not born with them. They are learned behavior and can be reprogrammed with behavior that positively impacts our life. Somewhere down the line we started believing that smoking relaxes us. In fact, it just numbs us from seeing how easily it is to let go!.

All you have done is train your brain to expect a cigarette at different moments you decided you needed them. And through habit-forming repetition, you now do it subconsciously. It's really that simple.

  1. Do you want a cigarette when you are bored?

  2. Have you ever craved a cigarette but are already smoking one?

  3. Have you wanted a cigarette because people around you are smoking and it completes the vibe?

Your mind thinks that life will not be complete without nicotine, and all the situations you’ve associated with smoking, like driving, drinking coffee, sitting at your laptop, socializing, or taking a break, won’t be as enjoyable without it. Believing that your life won’t be good without nicotine is just a byproduct of a belief system you had created to cope with some underlying influences. It is this "thinking" part of the brain we are going to have a "talking to".

Underlining Influences....

Quitting Smoking Hypnosis Addiction

No. 1 Exploratory Session

The first session includes finding out what the underlining influences that are driving your belief system to smoke.

During the first session we will have a pretalk including understanding the reasons surrounding why you have made this commitment to stop smoking.

A hypnosis session to gather this information will transpire.

No. 2 Implementation Session

We will use a customized script based on findings from our first session together.  

No. 3 Implementation Session

We will use a customized script based on findings from our first session together including anything else we have noted from previous session.

No. 4 Implementation Session

We will use a customized script based on findings from our first session together including anything else we have noted from previous session.

No. 5 Final Induction

We will use a customized script based on findings from our first session together including anything else we have noted from previous session.

On this day, you have forgiven yourself for smoking all of those cigarettes. You are saying goodbye to a friend that has taken you as far as it can take you in life. You are going forward knowing that you have the internal right to decide it stops now!

Some Points About...

Hypnosis works in an amazing way to help eliminate unwanted habits. Sometimes there can be a psychological or emotional reason a person has developed the habit.


Here are some points about what habits are and how they work that will increase your understanding. It will also make it easier for the unconscious part of your mind to get rid of the habit completely and permanently during our time together.


First of all, habits are learned. The first time you smoked a cigarette, it is not a habit. It becomes a habit as you continue doing it. The more you do it, the more strongly the habit becomes reinforced in your mind.


Second, habits tend to operate on an unconscious level. As you begin, you are doing it consciously at first but as you continue, you are soon doing it without conscious control.


Third, it becomes a habit when you continue doing it at regular intervals.


Fourth, the more you do it, the more it keeps becoming reinforced in your mind. You soon feel that you must continue.


Fifth, the habit reaches a point that it begins fulfilling a need. It becomes a way of coping with other experiences that come up in your life.


Sixth, after the habit becomes established, most attempts to stop it meet with resistance. When you try to stop the habit, the need remains unfulfilled.


Harmful habits tend to operate in a circle. Fueled by the need that is not being fulfilled.


The unfulfilled need could be a need for companionship... A need for love... A need for real sexual fulfillment... Or it could be a combination of experiences which are causing loneliness, anxiety, worry, or depression.


The habit then becomes a substitute of attempting to satisfy the emotional need, accept that it does not work. It fails to achieve what it is supposed to accomplish.


All it does is become a stronger habit, and causes the body to keep becoming less healthy. It can also contribute to other problems. Consciously trying to stop the habit meets with resistance and trying to resist will only make it become more firmly established. So one of the first things you can do is stop trying to fight it...


The change will begin when you realize it is okay to be the way you are!


I'm going to ask you to do something you can do that will eliminate the need for you to have the habit of smoking. Before you arrive for your 1st session:


No. 1 Take the time to list the reasons you want to get rid of that habit. Make a list of as many reasons as you can, and then number the five you feel to be your most important reasons for getting rid of that habit.


No. 2 After you finish making a list of reasons you want to get rid of that habit, make a list of reasons you do not want to get rid of that habit.


No. 3 Then make a list of the needs the habit might be fulfilling. List as many as you can, then narrow it down to the one or two most important needs.


No. 4 Then write ways that you have available to you that could fulfill those 2 important needs if you did not have the habit of smoking.


You will be amazed at how much easier it will be for you to get rid of the habit. You will have an understanding of the problems it is causing you. You will be amazed at how much easier it will be for you to get rid of the habit once you have identified the real reasons for it. You will have an understanding about the habit that will cause your unconscious mind to cooperate in getting rid of the habit completely. You will be in partnership with the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind. A true team within yourself!

Alternative Ideas

With so much time on your hands having quit smoking, what will you do? Please come to the first session with at least 3 Alternative Behaviors YOU would love to see yourself do in replacement of smoking posiness cigarettes.

Here are some examples of what that might look like:

Quitting Smoking Raveling


It costs on average $13.00 CAD for a pack of cigarettes. Even if you purchase no name brands you are looking to save on average $75.00 CAD a month! That's $540.00 CAD a year. You could enjoy a planned vacation in than 3 years with that money.

Quitting Smoking Personal Upgrading

Personal Upgrading

Males and females alike smoke on average of 10 cigarettes a day. If you gave yourself 10 minutes to smoke one cigarette, then you are now claiming back 1:40 minutes a day! This is 8 1/2 hrs a week! Ask yourself, what could you learn in that time?

Quitting Smoking Quality Times

Quality Times

Spending quality time with yourself or loved ones is huge for mental wellbeing. Embodying the idea of freedom from the constant shame of your old habit. Where can I smoke? Can I hide when I smoke? Will the rain or snow make that smell worse on my clothes?

Quitting Smoking Water

Wet Cigarette


As soon as you can, place one cigarette into a glass jar and pour water into it. Then take a fork and smash that cigarette. Every morning and evening, I want you to smell that cigarette. Look at it, feel deeply what it looks like. Please use the same one throughout. 

Image by Markus Spiske


If you are having an "in-person" session and would like the session to video recorded, you will have to tell me in advance. If we are holding your session online via ZOOM it will always be video recorded.

You will receive your edited recording within 48hrs of the session.

Your file will be sent to you via a link. This link will automatically download your file once you click on it. The link you will be sent is active for approximately 5 days, then will expire automatically. So please download the linked file ASAP.

LISTEN TO YOUR RECORDING. It works best just as you are falling asleep at night. Listen to the recording every night until your next session is scheduled.

Refrain from Coffee the Day of Session(s).

Just Relax

By being open you will allow for the part of the brain that develops habits, to believe what it needs to believe going forward. You have to do nothing. Let you, show you, what you need to know without any expectation. Just relax and answer my questions in as much detail as possible. The words will come as long as your are talking.

Final 2 Forms

Please click on, review and complete the following Consent Form and Client Agreement Form.