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Usui Reiki Level l

Time & Location

June Saturday the 24th 2023

10am to 2pm

Pembroke, Ontario (details to follow)


Usui Reiki Level l

This level l course is a total of 4 hours in duration. It will be held outdoors.

​This class is for children 8 - 11 years old.

Fee: $50 Plus tax

The intention behind this course is to help support children retain their innate ability to heal themselves and hold a space for other's healing. Children are clear conduits for bringing in source energy. They remember more. Through them we can help the adults, animals and other loved ones in their lives.

Source energy is what every "thing" is made of. This energy exists in many different frequencies. When we hold the space through intention using Reiki, we can "reset" energetic frequencies that might be distorted and present as dis-ease.

What to Expect

  • Course booklet

  • Crystal

  • Homework for Level ll

  • Copy of course recording for reference

  • An adult free environment (kids are dropped off and picked up)

Children on the spectrum are welcome. All children are welcome.

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