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Remembering Through Your Subconscious Mind.

Time & Location

Every Thursday at 8pm - 9:30pm EDT

Online over ZOOM



Remembering Through Your Subconscious Mind.

​Weekly Online Discussion Group.

Fee: $40 Monthly (Non Client Fee). $30 Monthly (Client Fee).


This is a weekly online Q & A  discussion group via ZOOM. It is intended for those that are ready to unravel, reflect upon and act on the information that they hold within their Subconscious Mind. We are responsible for reminding ourselves of what should matter. At this point you understand that you create your own reality, but how? Playing with this knowledge will grant you the permission slip to move forward with the required belief system to manifest.



The coming together of like minded people is imperative for the progression of personal evolution. This group is an opportunity to explore, and learn from each other's questions. In addition, you will gain insight from a hypnotist's perspective that comes from facilitating hundreds of hypnosis sessions coupled with insight channeled from my Higher Self.


Every discussion is unique. Including group regressions, channeling, Q & A, dream interpretation, energy manipulation, remote healing, and much more. The discussions will be led by all of us.

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Weekly Online Discu

Remembering Through Your Subconscious Mind.

8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. EDT

Online ZOOM Every Thursday

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