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Angela Solorzano Crt Hypnotist RM Clinical Hypnosis


In Person, and via ZOOM.

What's it all about.

All three sessions!

Hypnosis is a natural trance state that occurs in our every day life. When watching the TV, driving or washing the dishes. It feels like when we’re daydreaming. In clinical hypnosis, you are aware of your surroundings and will be able to fully recall your session. These are just a few common challenges Hypnosis can help with.

Fears & Phobias

Deal with Heights, Fear of Deep Water, Tolerate Insects, Social Anxiety, and Flying.

Stress Management

Sleep Paralysis, Memory/Concentration Improvement or just Learn how to Relax!


Pain Management

Post  Surgery, Child Birth. Any type of pain. The goal is not to eliminate, but explore & manage it.  *May require written doctor's approval.


Addictive Behaviors

Emotional Eating, Hair pulling, Compulsive Cleaning. Reprogram your brain to let go of the vices you rely on.


Quitting Smoking


Emotional Constraints

Feeling a sense of inadequacy, Anger Management, Self-esteem/ego Strengthening, Bereavement. Hypnosis can help you redirect the power emotions hold towards productive behavior.


Labor Preparation

Move through Pain and Fear during labor.

Hypnosis builds a bridge from the conscious to the unconscious mind. This bridge means that new neuro pathways are created making an agreement between the both.

Have you ever decided to do something then not followed through. When part of you wants to do something but another part of you objects you are not fully on the same page with the two aspects of yourself. This must be a partnership otherwise the benefits of hypnosis will not be fully realized.

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Payment can be split into 2.

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