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Female Resentment | Male Societal Expectation

This channeled guttural vibration includes all color spectrum but mostly the blue and emerald green frequencies. It is to create a split/door in the "net" around this earth and release pent up energy as outlined below.

  • The Anger the Female body has through raising children without recognition. The cumulative resentment they have of the egos that have killed them for centuries. Including the memories of the pain of all wounds felt by the womb (menstrual cycle, abortion, miscarriage, rape etc...) The woman that do the impossible behind the scenes. The healing of Mother Child wounds (children taken away, death of a child, challenge between child and parent) and the embracing of a new relationship to parenting, heart center based.

  • The confusion the Male body has as it relates to expectation from society. The fear within of not being "strong" enough in a "hierarchical way". The allowing of a heart centered awareness to be received with honor and strength as divine Male embraces emotions. Stepping aside from old programming and embracing the evolved new blueprint of inner peace and personal power.

This recording is not for those that haven't finished their morning and/or victim-hood. The vibrational tones I channel are meant to "break up" anything within that does not serve, so that you can release them on your own timing. This recording is for those that have done some shadow work and are ready to put the past behind and move forward in a more balanced way. This works in ALL lifetimes, now. 

As this recording is listened to, your consciousness is strengthening the performance of it and all those that have listened to it are helping you as well. This is for those that have felt these sorrows (Male or Female) and can offer to hold a space for those that follow. 

🖤 Thank you for your work.

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