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Introspective Hypnosis
Client Agreement

Confidentiality & Consent

When undergoing an Introspective Hypnosis session the practitioner and I will be discussing personal matters in my life, my belief systems, health history, my childhood and other issues that may have an influence on my well-being. I will be placed under hypnosis.

I understand that our full session will be digitally recorded. I understand and give permission for Angela Solorzano to use the information only derived from this session whether recorded or video recorded. Angela Solorzano guarantees if she uses the information in print or in discussion, it will not be identified with the client’s
Video recordings will never be uploaded to the internet unless consent is provided to Angela Solorzano by checking the below.


I understand that the recording is the property of Angela Solorzano and that I am not permitted to place the recording on any type of social media platform.


Introspective Hypnosis is not intended to cure any specific condition and are not substitutes for regular medical care. Angela Solorzano makes no claims of a cure for any medical conditions (mental or physical). Results will differ per person and to the degree lies within the clients capacity for change. The client understands that each of us is
his/her own healer and that personal results will vary and there are no expressed or implied guarantees or warranties of results. Angela Solorzano simply just holds a space for the client's release.

Angela Solorzano is neither a trained psychologist or a medical doctor. The client is aware that any information that comes through is coming from their own Soul (Higher Self, Subconscious, Soul, etc...). If the client receives information from their Subconsciousness regarding any changes to their health protocol, the client
takes full responsibility for those suggested changes and will take it upon themselves to consult their doctor if necessary.

I understand that Angela Solorzano does not guarantee that the recording will be audible, fully intact, or usable. If applicable, Angela Solorzano will not be responsible, nor issue a refund, for any malfunctions of the session's

Liability Waiver

The client voluntarily agrees to be the subject of a Introspective Hypnosis Session. This involves guidance Coaching. Except in the case of gross negligence or malpractice, I or my representative(s) agree to full release and hold harmless Angela Solorzano from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with my session.

Acknowledgement of Risks/Responsibilities

I understand that I am required to listen to the audio/video recording of my Introspective Hypnosis session numerous times in the future, as I see fit.

I realize it is to my advantage to be honest and straightforward with details regarding what I see, hear, sense, and smell under hypnosis. My session success is dependent on this level of communication during my session. I know that when I am in trance, I must just answer the questions the practitioner asks and just report what I see without prejudice.

I will reach out shortly!

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