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Your PLR Past Life Regression Preparation

Before continuing to the preparation, please complete the following Adult Medical Intake Form. This is to ensure you are able to experience a hypnosis session.

If you are a minor, please have your guardian complete the below Minor Medical Intake Form.


1. Your session will be in several parts. Session lasts 2.5 hours.

  1. Have a preliminary life discussion, including the understanding of your expectation and the reasons why you decided to do this.
  2. You will be brought to relevant lives. We will explore them extracting as much information as possible. You will be brought to the time of death each time, then to another life. Note: if your spirit/soul deems it necessary to go to a time within this life time, then that will happen. I do not control this, your soul does.
  3. Lastly, you will be counted out and we will review/discuss what had transpired.

2. The right side of the brain.


The idea with the below technique is to strengthen your ability to grab the information from the right side of the brain into real time, your active awareness, before it dissipates. This will lighten any potential blockages you may have within your belief system in order to receive all information your Higher Self wants to bring in for the session.

  • At least three times a day, no matter where you are, I want you to close your eyes and remember where everything is around you before you had closed them. In other words, you are going to imagine where all the items are around you. This technique will strengthen the imagination required for a great session.
  • Start writing down your dreams. Just have a notebook beside your bed ready for you in the morning. Jot down anything you remember, it does not have to make sense. This will help exercise the method of recalling information from your subconscious. No need to bring an account of your dreams to the session, this is just for preparation.
  • Before going to sleep at night, picture a perfect place that you would love to visit. Or a place that you feel safe at. You may have been there in the past, or would like to visit in the future. Sense it in detail. What would the weather be like? Are there any sounds? Are you alone in this peaceful place? All the colors, sounds, animals, people, smells. Try to feel all of this.​

Please ensure you follow the above, your session will not prove as useful if not.

3. Video recording.

If you would like the session to video recorded, you will have to tell me in advance. If you would like me to share your video recording on youtube, you will have to give me permission in writing. 

If we are holding your session online (via ZOOM) it will always be video recorded.

You will receive your edited recording within 48hrs of the session.

Your recording will be sent to you via a link. This link will expire in approximately 5 days. So please download the linked file ASAP.

4. Clean and clear.

The day of, refrain from caffeine, drugs (unless prescribed), and alcohol. A clear body without any stimulants is conducive to a meaningful session. I will not facilitate a session if you are clearly intoxicated. You will not be reimbursed.

5. Just be open.

By being open will allow for what should be, to be. What ever the nature of information that comes through, is out of our hands.  Let you, show you, what you need to know without any expectation.


Just relax and answer my questions in as much detail as possible. Try not to stop describing what you feel, sense or see. The words will come as long as your are talking. Keep me in the loop so that I know where we are to go next.

6. Forms to be Completed

Lastly, please watch the following videos.

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