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orward Life Progression & Age Progression

$113.00 Price Includes Tax.

Quantum Leap into your future

We embark on a journey visiting diverse potential futures, all within the realm of deep relaxation. The basis of this version of progression is to gain insight for making decisive, confident choices, moving forward with certainty. Having a glimpse of what direction you will be going based on the perspective you hold in this now moment.


In this session my client brings                              that their HigherSelf can shed light on in the event they chose a specific course of action. We will either approach the question with Age Progression or Forward Life Progression, dependent on question asked.

Forward Life Progressions allow us to consciously communicate with a future lifetime to gain knowledge. What would the wiser aspect of you from a higher dimension tell yourself, now?


Age Progression connects to relevant timelines providing insight covering what you would have manifested given decisions in the current time. What belief systems do you carry that project into your reality that both serve you and do not-serve you? Maybe 5 to 10 years down the line.



  1. Would accepting this new job offer be in my highest interest? Why or why not?

  2. If I continue to eat processed food, how will that effect me in the future based on my current belief system. What would I have to believe in order to stay healthy?

  3. Discerning messages received from the dream state or other forms of trance. Was it a warning?

  4. Identifying new areas of study or training as my purpose grows nearer.

Read my recent Blog post for more information. here

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How to Quantum Leap & Gain Insight from Possible Future Timelines?

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