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How to Quantum Leap & Gain Insight from Possible Future Timelines?

Updated: Apr 25

By the end of this post, you will know the possibilities that Future Regression can bring, Quantum Leaping, and how it even works!

Insight No. 1 You are a part of "All that Is" and have entanglement with everything.

A woman Enmesed in Quantum Physics

Table of Contents


Q is for Quantum Physics

I do not pretend to understand the full potential of our minds and the governance it has on this reality but I do know a thing or two about how energy can be used as a tool for self empowerment.

Lets start here....

Quantum Physics is a science that allows us to explore energy (some would call source) at a subatomic level. An aspect of quantum science is the entanglement theory. When one or more particles are made to become entangled, they remain connected even when separated by vast distances. The intention behind the engagement created is also impacted by the observer's belief system of those particles when separated.

Visual of Quantum Feild Theory

The Quantum Field Theory provides an understanding that the result of the entanglement is not that the particles are connected locally, but rather, all possible behaviour(s) of the particles are super-positioned within a framework called the quantum field. What ever behaviour is “fetched” from the quantum field is highly influenced by the anticipation of the observer through their own belief system. In other words, it is through our imagination and level of awareness of all possible outcomes that dictate the experience we call out of the quantum field, that best suits our purpose. In this case it is the behaviour of the split particle that becomes labelled as having connectedness. Knowledge yields power and reveals a multitude of pathways one can lean towards in this human daily life.

why is this so empowering

Through a Forward Life Progression/Age Progression we can become aware of what we are capable of manifesting vs. what we will likely manifest based on the belief systems we hold in this very moment. We can consciously alter our trajectory simply by becoming aware of information about ourselves. Through this process, in the unveiling of other possible timelines, we are therefore empowered to make the best decision for our greater good.

Integrated Aspect of Self.

It Gets Better   💙

When hundreds of particles become entangled (kinda like all of our soul's lifetimes), they still act as one unified "thing" (HigherSelf's Bird's Eye View). This would be operating from a place that supports the success of all aspects of you, in all versions. Additionally, we are all an aspect of source, we will always be entangled with it. It's all one, we are of it. The quantum field provides us options so that we act on free will and experience any outcome that we deem necessary for our own evolvement. It's worth noting that we mostly act on ideas that reflect our state of awareness.

what are you thinking?

Quantum Leap 🌌

We can increase our awareness simply by integrating and becoming consciously aware of more aspects of ourselves. We will be better for it, it is all entangled tangled within us, energetically. We have the right to decide who we want to be and when.

We can benefit immensely remembering wisdom, hardships, gifts from future lifetimes that can provide a peace of mind, knowing we no longer have to repeat some of the experiences that were traumatic (karmic stuff). This is simply because we have done them before and now realized, we can integrate a resolution already experienced. I know, I know, crazy right?

Feel this Statement...

All that is, Statement.

All soul lifetimes (aspect of source) and their experiences, remain linked regardless of the vast time distance between each of them. Awareness of who we are entirely, provides us the insight necessary to make informed decisions leading us towards the most efficient direction. In other words, in the now we can access other lifetimes; past, present and future. The viewpoint we hold today is a reflection of all knowledge we have merged within from all experiences to now.

What's your End Result? ➡️

Learning from our soul's future experiences provides us with helpful information linked to the manifested “end result” of what was created based a belief system we held in the past (say that ten times, fast). Time is an advantages construct (parameter) of this dimension, it allows us to see in slow-motion the fruition of our thoughts.

I believe that all moments are simultaneous in nature, and because of this we have access to all parts of self, now. Future Regression is a powerful technique that allows you to see “what’s next!”

Interested? Find out more!

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05 Nis

This article really helps demystify some of the ways we examine and try to understand complex theories.

Very well described and the flow and use of graphics made it so interesting and engaging

Thanks Angela

Angela Solorzano
Angela Solorzano
07 Nis
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Yes! These concepts are finally getting created that help explain our reality.

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