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Psilocybin Gatherings

Please complete and read the following form including all of the information below.

What I Offer...

I AM a channel for my guides and for the guides that come through for all present during the session. I harness a rainbow frequency to promote personal and planetary evolution. Through this tapping in, higher-dimensional frequencies can be accessed. Energies that align with the heart space are permitted to come forward offering their unique gifts for our healing within the sacred circle.


Some examples.

Ancient Aboriginal Australians, Mayans, Native Indians (cheifs from Canada), Divine Source (feminine), Dragonfly Collective, Arcturians, Pleadians, Praying Mantis, Andromedons, Māori, Ancient Egyptians. These are just a few.

I work side by side with aspects of myself, a Black Dragon and Shaman (900AD-ish). These female energies protect the sacred circle I will create. The dragon breaths through me in various tones, customized tones for the attendees which ushers out energetic blockages. Through these tones, we are able to release deep energies/blockages that no longer serve us.

The Shaman can see other lifetimes and guides that present. I will decide how/if to proceed. If it is so, I will see lifetimes that are meant for us to be aware of, through your energy. I will hold a space for my intuitive guidance that will elicit the appropriate energetic modality to get energies moving along within you.


I have been a code bearer for many lifetimes (if you are attending, you have been as well). My intention is to hold a space for the release of as much energy that is in contrast to your evolution, in that moment. And as we all do this in the sacred circle, we are actually holding a space for humanity to move through this shift as smoothly as possible. Promoting less violence/natural disaster as we hold a platform for mother Earth to release the pent up energy in this heart centered way. Less contrast energies to release through violence.


Thank you for your work.

How Do I Prepare?

An Intake Form outlining the following is completed to determine if you are a good fit. This intake form is at the top of this page.


  • Necessary Diet

  • What not to eat

  • Current Health Questions


If approved, this is a list of what to bring.


  • Wear comfortable clothing. i.e. Jogging pants etc....

  • Extra underwear.

  • A blanket.

  • Water bottle.

  • Have a pillow and blanket accessible.

  • Bring something light to eat and share, for afterwards.

What to Expect.

Discuss in as much detail as you feel comfortable, your intention for the experience.

Some examples of my intensions for reference might look like:

  • My intension today is to help in anyway permitted, the children of this world move past their learning experience gaining the necessary incarnated lesson that they intended. I would like to provide any support.

  • I am asking for an upgrade in moving through self worth distortions in order to be more effective in the energetic work I do. What ever that looks like.

  • Allow me to tap into my inner wisdom as I find the best words to support any that come to me. 

  • What ever that I need to let go that no longer serves me, show me and help me understand.

  1. The Circle is opened for inner exploration including calling in all energies resonating with the heart to come forward.

  2. We are accessing the spiritual realms. You will be using all of your senses in this state, your perception will be expansive. Sights become more vivid, colors more vibrant, and sounds more pronounced. Because you are delving into the depths of your own psyche you may confront fears, unresolved issues, and suppressed emotions.

  3. You may feel a sense of timelessness.

  4. After about five hours, the effects wind down, we Close the circle and discuss what we have learned (in as much detail as you feel comfortable). I lend my spiritual insights to help interpret what had transpired.

  5. You will feel a renewed sense of purpose and understanding.

  6. We eat & drink.


Each experience builds upon the last, deepening one's understanding of themselves and the universe.



There is no charge for the plant, this is a gift for the work you are doing. The fee for my time is:

$123.00 per attendee.

$321.00 one 2 one sessions.


With Sincere Gratitude,

Angela Solorzano

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