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Your QHHT Preparation

Before continuing to the preparation, please complete the following Adult Medical Intake Form. This is to ensure you are able to experience a hypnosis session.

If you are a minor, please have your guardian complete the below Minor Medical Intake Form.


“Be ready for anything and go with the flow. The experience/life is being shown for a
reason…trust in the Higher Self, the Higher Consciousness or the Oversoul.”

(©Dolores Cannon. Excerpt, Living Trust 2015)


“Some will not remember anything. Some will remember everything and others will remember as though they were standing to the side listening to themselves talking but not comprehending how it can happen or what is being said. All of these ‘remembering’ conditions are completely normal. “

(©Dolores Cannon. Excerpt, Living Trust 2015)

Your QHHT Process


Session Parts

The session will be in 3 parts and will last approx. 5 hrs.

a) Pre talk

b) Trance

c) Post talk


Trusting what you see with your eyes closed

At lease 3 times a day close your eyes and try to imagine all the items around. Say each item out loud. This will connect your ability to recall memories and express them through speak. Practicing this will make it fluid when in trance. Speak loud and clear.


Recall your dreams

Make it a point to remember your dreams as soon as you wake up in the morning. This will help exercise the method of recalling information from your subconscious, to your conscious mind. No need to bring an account of your dreams to the session, this is just for preparation.


Perfect Place

Before going to sleep at night, picture a perfect place that you would love to visit. Or a place that you feel safe at. You may have been there in the past, or would like to visit in the future. Sense it in detail. What would the weather be like? Are there any sounds? Are you alone in this peaceful place? All the colors, sounds, animals, people, smells. Try to feel all of this. And just imagine yourself there.


Copy of Session

Please advise me 24hrs before your session if an video copy is prefered.

You will receive your edited recording within 48hrs of the session excluding the induction.

Your recording will be sent to you via a link. This link will expire in approximately 5 days. So please download the linked file ASAP.


Clean and Clear

The day of, refrain from caffeine, drugs (unless prescribed), and alcohol. A clear body without any stimulants is conducive to a meaningful session. Please make sure you eat a nice meal before arriving.


Zero Expectation

By being open will allow for what should be, to be. What ever the nature of information that comes through, is out of our hands.  Let you, show you, what you need to know without any expectation.


Just relax and answer my questions in as much detail as possible. Try not to stop describing what you feel or sense. The more you speak the more you sense around you.

If you cling to not being about to "do it" , you become impervious to your higher self. All you have to do is just let go, and let the rest fall into place.


Questions to ask the Higher Self

You can ask a maximum of 15 questions.


Make a list of immediate family members, the ones still with us and any that have passed.


Health questions and general questions, please keep separate.


Please send these via email 24hrs before your session within the email, no attachments.

All Forms

Before Session Start

Create 3 lists; 1. of people close that have passed. 2. of immediate family members and relationship to them. 3. of questions for your higher Self. In order of importance, no numbering. Maximum of 15 questions please.


Email all lists within 24hrs of session, within the body of the email.


Interview and the review of your questions.

Past, Present, Future Regression.

Questions are asked.

Body scan including the removal of any blockages.


Count out and review session.

Lastly, please watch the following videos. Although there are various versions of how we can reach a trance state, the below explanations are true for all hypnosis experiences.

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