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Submitted by SM on Thursday April 25, 2024 11:01 am

"I can’t say enough good things about Angela. I did a past life regression and found the experience, so validating and life altering. She is knowledgeable and intuitive. Her channelled messages are incredibly insightful and as valuable as the hypnosis experience. I felt safe, comfortable and grounded the whole time. This experience is one I will take with me for the rest of my life. I am beyond grateful and highly recommend this service. If you’ve ever had the inkling to get a PLR, you’re in great hands with Angela and you will not regret it. I feel like I was able to release some energetic blockages and can now move in energetic alignment with my life purpose and that is truly a gift that I will forever be grateful for."
Angela Solorzano Crt Hypnotist RM Past Life Regression QHHT


Angela Solorzano, CH, RM; is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist studied at the University of Toronto, been Certified to practice QHHT® with the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy developed by the late Dolores Cannon, been certified to practice I.H. Introspective Hypnosis with Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman and is a member of the International Guild of Hypnotists. For over 30 years she has been working with energy on many platforms, including Reiki Master level.

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