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Is Zoom for me?: 9 Reasons why Remote Hypnosis Sessions Could Work for you!

Updated: Apr 25

By the end of this post, you will feel totally confident that online hypnosis sessions are just as effective.

A client comfortable in a hypnotherapy session in pyjamas.

Do you have some angst with the idea of experiencing a hypnosis session over Zoom? Then this: 9 Reasons why remote Hypnosis sessions could work for you! post will have you thinking differently.

Tip No. 1 > know that it is the level of relaxation that matters, coupled with the skill-set of the practitioner, that makes for an effective space for inner healing.

Table of Contents


Reason #1: Comfort & Relaxation

Clients feel more comfortable and relaxed in their own familiar environment during a Zoom session. Also, this helps shorten the time needed for the practitioner to help the client to “let go” and slip into trance. Sometimes the thought of going to a stranger's space or having you travel to theirs, can be unsettling.

By working remotely with my clients, there are no perceived concerns in this way.

Rocking in Pyjamas Art.

Reason #2: Cost Savings & Environmental Benefits

I know, we aren't perfect. All of the little things add up, right? With Zoom, there are no expenses associated with travel and/or accommodation. Save time and reduce the stress that comes with navigating through traffic having to travel to a physical location. Bonus that by reducing the need for travel, online sessions help to lower carbon emissions and minimize the environmental impact associated with commuting. Calling all tree huggers! 🌲

Reason #3: Privacy

Clients may feel more at ease discussing personal issues in the privacy of their own space, leading to a deeper level of engagement and trust throughout the session. This might not be a logical concern but it is the belief system of the client that dictates the trajectory of the experience.

Reason #4: Accessibility

Obvious but worth noting; zoom sessions make hypnosis accessible to individuals who may have mobility issues or those that live in remote areas where in-person sessions are just not feasible.

Reason #5: Focus

You might have social anxiety? Over Zoom creates an atmosphere that lessens those feelings when being with new people, sounds, and visual cues, exacerbating any anxiety symptoms.

New environments can trigger feelings of uncertainty and unpredictability, as we may struggle with what to expect from an unfamiliar surrounding. Without those distractions, clients can more easily focus their attention on the hypnotic process, leading to better results.

Reason #6: Session Recordings

Zoom allows for sessions to be recorded and link sent immediately, providing clients with the opportunity to review the session right away. There are a few more steps involved when delivering a file from “in house”. The turn around time is quicker.

Reason #7: Safety

In situations where in-person meetings may pose health risks, compromised immune system etc... Zoom sessions provide an alternative for both the hypnotist and the client to continue their work worry free.

Reason #8: Choice & Flexibility

Being willing to do Zoom hypnotherapy sessions increases your options within the “practitioner pool”, greatly. Make your selection based on who resonates, not travel time. Not to mention the fact that the flexibility behind attending an online session after business hours is also super helpful. Taking time off of work can be frowned upon by employers. This way, no explanation is required ➡️ for anyone!

Reason #9: Effectiveness

A remote hypnotherapy session via Zoom is just as effective as an in-person session (sometimes even better for all the reasons mentioned within this blog). The monitoring of nonverbal communication such as; body language, facial expressions, eye contact, gestures, and tone of voice all can be observed over Zoom by the practitioner.

In Summary

If the reasons why you are interested in a session does not require physical touch (Anchoring) then discuss with the hypnotist if what you are looking to move through, can be approached over an online session.

All that is required for a successful regression is relaxation, a practitioner's voice and YOU! Zoom sessions are convenient and it is not imperative to be in person to benefit from a hypnosis session. Is Zoom for you?

All anyone would need:

  • A quiet place with no interruption

  • A solid internet connection

  • A device; cell phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop web cam

  • A recliner chair or your bed

  • A headset with mic (not imperative)

  • Eye covering. Even a simple sock will work!

  • And most importantly, YOU!

Is Zoom for me?: 9 Reasons why Remote Hypnosis Sessions Could Work for you!

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Feb 28
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I have had the privilege of having sessions both in person and virtual and both methods were excellent!

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